Board & Train

Board & Train

$2,200; Remote training collar system included


Our Board & Train package is a two-week stay for your dog in our fully furnished in-law suite. During your dog’s stay, they will learn:

  • common commands (sit, stay, come, etc.)
  • how to stay off the furniture
  • how to refrain from barking at the doorbell and/or a knock at the door
  • how to refrain from barking at or jumping on house guests
  • how to maintain good “manners” around other animals
  • any other training goals specific to your dog’s needs

We teach and recommend crate training as a way to give both you and your dog some space in your home. Dogs enjoy “denning,” and properly trained pets will naturally head to their crates for sleeping and relaxing—no more fights to get your dog into a crate!

When you pick up your dog at the end of the two weeks, you will receive a 1.5-hour private training session to go over everything your dog has learned. You also have the option of a 1-hour session within a month of pickup if you feel a refresher is needed.

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