Family protection dogs

Ensure the best in canine protection for yourself or your family.


Dog Training Unleashed also specializes in placing highly trained protection dogs for families and individuals. Each dog has received extensive training from puppyhood and passes intensive testing before being placed with a family as a companion and protector. Our well-cultivated relationships in the sport and working dog arenas have resulted in a solid, far-reaching network that gives us access to the top sport, working, and police dogs in the world. You can be assured that the protection dogs we provide are in an elite class—the best of the best.

Pricing begins at $25,000 per dog (Level 1-3 dogs available)

When you request a protection dog for yourself or your family, we will consult with you to find out what breeds you have in mind, what particular skills you would like your dog to possess, and what kind of environment your dog will be working in (a single-person home, a family home with children, interaction with other pets, etc.). We specialize in German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois as protection dogs, but have the resources to acquire other breeds you may want to serve as your companion.

Once we have acquired your protection dog, we will complete any refinement training needed on-site, be it extra socialization skills or a protection skill you want your dog to have particular mastery in. Once training is complete, we will deliver your new protection dog to you.

Upon delivery and over the next two or so days, we will conduct additional training with you and your new protection dog together. You will get a chance to see all the skills your dog has, as well as learn the key commands and behaviors that will ensure the perfect partnership between you and your dog. The two days of training with you also allow your animal to acclimate to their new home and new owners, transitioning seamlessly and successfully into your household.


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