Why Us?

Why hire a professional dog trainer?


Professional training is faster and more efficient than trying to do it yourself.

Our professional trainer, Randy Milka, has decades of experience working with all types of dogs. His training is refined, comprehensive, and specialized with an eye towards the immediate success of your dog and the long-term success of your relationship with your beloved pet.

Professional training is more effective in the long-term.

Many people train their own pets. But without the professional knowledge behind that training, results may be mixed, or may not last for long. Dog Training Unleashed has the facilities, time, and commitment to your dog’s success and happiness that ensure lasting good results. In addition, our dedication is to both you and your pet, and we aim to create the kind of long-term, loving, low-stress relationship that exists between a properly trained pet and a happy pet owner.

Professional training is safer.

Our paramount concern is for the health and safety of your dog. When you train on your own, you risk losing your controlled environment—maybe you’re outside and another dog runs by, or maybe you’re inside and a child walks into the room. Our facilities provide a professional, safe, controlled environment for your dog to train, without unnecessary distractions or unexpected events that might derail good work.


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